Darlington Mums March-Welcome to Sheffield Save Our NHS

Darlington Mums March for the NHS

Updated 30th August
The Darlington Mums and their fellow marchers for the NHS, walking from Jarrow to London, came to Sheffield on August 25th / 26th 2014

Despite the rain on Bank Holiday Monday there was a good turnout at Weston Park to welcome the marchers and many more people joined the march out of Sheffield on the 26th August.  The march continues to grow as it moves south.

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To get more information, or to donate funds visit the march websitewhere there is a Paypal link.  GO DIRECTLY TO THE MARCH DONATION PAGE

Although national press comment was pretty limited, there was a really good feeling to the end of the march which was supported by up to 10,000 people on the London leg. The marchers also gave a real fillip to NHS workers and supporters along the way. So thank you and, after you've had a rest, please keep active.

The only reason that privatisation has not gone further in the NHS under this government (and it's already made too many inroads) is because of the determined resistance all along the way.  We need to keep it going and to make sure that a government which backs the NHS as a public service, true to its founding principles, is elected in 2015.



The March will leave Barnsley District Hospital at 10.30 am on August Bank Holiday, coming through Worsborough Mill, Tankersley, Grenoside and Hillsborough (3.00 pm approximately).   We suggest that Sheffield supporters who aren't able to do the whole route join the march at Hillsborough Park.

At Hillsborough in a late change because of the unexpected unavailability of the bowling green toilets, the marchers will go from Leppings Lane down Penistone Road to Hillsborough Leisure Centre for a short break.  This means that they are unlikely to set off again until 3.20-3.30 when they will cross Penistone Road from the Leisure Centre and enter the park to meet up with those waiting. The march will then go diagonally across the park.

We are not changing our previous request to marchers to assemble from 3pm at the Parkside Road entrance, by the car park where there will be stewards in Unison vests in contact with the march as well as the reformed Sheffield Street Band.  However if it is raining people may want to arrive a tiny bit later or shelter in the Leisure Centre until the march restarts. 

The march will then go through the Hillsborough crossroads and along Infirmary Road before going up through Ponderosa towards Weston Park.

There will be a short rally to finish the leg at WESTON PARK with speeches starting at 5pm.  There will be limited gazebo shelter if it is raining.  NB the Museum toilets close at 4.45 pm so arrive earlier if you think you will need them.

Speakers at Weston Park now include Andrew Gwynne MP, shadow health minister; Martin Mayer, Sheffield Trades Council; John Graham, Managing Director of Go Outdoors who will be talking from a personal rather than political perspective about his own experiences as an NHS patient and why he supports the NHS; Nicky Naylor a Care UK striker from Doncaster; and Jen Dunstan from Disabled People against the cuts.

People who can only manage a relatively short distance are encouraged to join the march at Hillsborough Park or just come to Weston Park.

Following the rally there will be a meal for the marchers at the Broomhall Centre, Broomspring LaneS10 2FD followed at 7.30 by an informal social with choir singing and open mike before the marchers disperse to their accommodation.  NB places are limited so if you are not a core marcher, a host or a food provider please reserve a place by emailing sosfornhsmarch_sheffield_legs@yahoo.com.

Accommodation for the marchers is being provided by a mix of private hosts so all marchers should have a bed for the night.   If you need accommodation or want to provide itplease email sosfornhsmarch_sheffield_legs@yahoo.com

The march organisers are very grateful to Sheffield Trades Union Council, Unison STFHT branch, Heeley CLP and Unite as well as various personal donors for their financial and practical support.

26th August

Following speeches from Cllr Julie Dore (Leader of the Council) and Cllr Jillian Creasy (Green Party) the marchers will leave Sheffield Town Hall shortly after 10.00 am.

At 10.30 there will be a short mini rally at the Hallamshire where speakers are expected to include John Campbell from Unison and Oliver Coppard, who is standing for Labour against Nick Clegg.

People who can only manage a short time or distance are encouraged just to do the walk from the Town Hall to the Hallamshire.

Around 11.20 the march will go through Nether Edge where there will be a brief rest stop before going to Abbeydale Road and turning off up Woodseats Road where the march will be met by Meg Munn MP and Heeley Labour Party.  The march will continue up the hills to the top of Graves Park and Meadowhead where there will be a short farewell speech from Meg Munn.  Marchers to Chesterfield will go on to Meadowhead for a quick lunch (provided by STUC for core marchers - others will need to buy their own) before moving on to Dronfield.  Marchers not going to Chesterfield are asked to finish at Meadowhead.

To register for walking on the march, especially if you intend to walk the whole leg, please visit the march website. Please note that you don't have to register - it just helps the organisers to gauge numbers.

To register interest locally & offer support (funds, accommodation, refreshments, entertainment, music, etc.)

 emailus at our special link