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Are you a regular, occasional or past NHS service user?

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For details of events and meetings see the left hand column

Pay protests by NHS staff are continuing.
Support NHS radiographers striking on 20th October against Jeremy Hunt's unilateral and unfair pay freeze.  Join strikers outside the Hallamshire and possibly Weston Park Hospitals between 9am and 1 pm.  There will be a work to rule during the rest of the week.

Join the TUC march against low pay in London on October 18th.  STUC and individual unions are organising coaches from Sheffield.


For information about the Government's proposal to centralise your confidential medical records and make versions of them for sale see our blogspot
Support the BMA e-petition to get the Health and Social Care Act repealed.  Information here


à         A publicly owned health service that puts people before profit!
à         An open, accountable and democratically run health service!
à         Quality, accessible health care free at the point of delivery for al



We are a grassroots movement comprising people from all walks of life who are, or will be affected by the government's austerity measures of spending cuts to NHS Services across England. We also strongly oppose the creeping privatisation of the NHS by successive governments and campaigned actively against the Health and Social Care Bill.  The group originated out of the first 38 degrees Save Our NHS campaign in January 2011

CCGprotestSSONHS061212We are based in Sheffield and will continue to protest against the 2012 NHS reforms and to take action against NHS cuts for this area. We actively invite both individuals and other groups based in other locations around England with similar aims to get involved. It's now or never: soon there may not be an NHS to save.

We are a campaigning group but we also monitor local NHS developments, questioning local NHS organisations and feeding into Sheffield Healthwatch as appropriate.
Privatisation = Profit  NOT Good Patient Care

Check out the Sheffield NHS News page via the link on the upper left column to find details of local NHS consultation and engagement activities. These help the public to find out what is going on locally and can be opportunities to put the case against competition as the basis for selecting healthcare providers.

We were proud to welcome the 999 Call for the NHS march from Jarrow to London organised by the Darlington Mums. See the page menu link on the left for our dedicated page

We joined the TUC Lobby of the Conservative Party Conference on 29th September 2013 as part of a strong turnout from Sheffield comitted to saving the NHS from Tory plans.  But if lobbying / gagging bill is now likely to restrict such events from September 2014. 

In January 2013 we launched a campaign to save the Hallamshire Minor Injuries Unit which is under review.
 We only needed a few shortish signature gathering sessions in the city centre, at Hunters Bar and in Broomhill to collect more than 1000 signatures which have now been presented to Nick Clegg MP and Paul Blomfield MP. A&E at Northern General is under such pressure that the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust that the MIU has finally been re-included in local publicity and the NHS is currently saying there are no plans to close it. 
For updates see our blog.

See column on the left or check out our "Take Action" 
and Campaign Dates sections for more details and for other ways to get involved to Save Our NHS

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Our first action - March 2011
Video of Lib Dem Conference Protest in Sheffield

YouTube Video

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Latest News

During 2014 we will be continuing to support the NHS as a publicly owned and publicly accountable service, providing quality care free at the point of delivery.

For details and for more Sheffield events  see here 


Radiography strike Monday 20th October
9am to 1 pm. Support the pickets outside the Hallamshire and possibly Weston Park.

Next SSONHS Information and Planning Meeting

27th Oct  Contact us for venue

Please see our TAKE ACTION page on this site and our separate BLOG for further dates and information including how to opt out of having your medical records put into a central data system. 



We are hoping to arrange a series of public meetings in the near future, some in collaboration with Sheffield MEDSIN

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